Where is God by Stella Ashworth

“Where is God?” That is one question I always hear when people are faced with hard and painful times. Times where they don’t understand what God is doing. Even I have asked that question in my life. “Where is God?”

We often think by ourselves that if God cares, He would stop the bad things. If God truly is here, the trials and tribulations would end. If only God did this or that, the darkness would leave us and things will return to normal.  Yet our words are often spoken in anger or in confusion when we don’t understand the pain we are going through.

When bad things happen, we seem to think of God as a distant God, a God that is punishing us for our sins.  Or we think that we are too small for God to care about.

I have wrestled with God on numerous occasions trying to figure out His will and trying to understand His ways. Like a Jacob, not willing to let Him go.

The closer I draw to God, the more real He becomes to me and the more real He becomes, the more painful His silence can be.

Where is God in the mist of what is happening in this world? Why do so many people believe that He is silent?

I am here to tell you that God is with us in the mist of it all. Guiding us and teaching us in ways we will not fully understand now.

Sometimes God is waiting on us. Watching to see what we will do and how we will handle this situation. God is our greatest witness and not blind to our tears or suffering. He sees all and knows all.

Our hearts are so important to God. The way we live and love here on this earth. God loves each one of us so dearly, even though we fail Him in so many ways. He hasn’t given up on us.

During the outbreak of the corona virus, I have never felt closer to God and during the lockdown, I have never felt His presence more. Like you, I have observed the world and watched the virus spread.  Like you, I have listened to all the conspiracy theories and the end time prophets. I have witnessed fears, sickness and death.

Thoughts would flow through my mind: “Why aren’t You stopping this? Just say the Word and it’s done.’ But I knew those were the wrong thoughts. I needed to affirm my own trust in HIm and the purpose behind it all.

In the end, it’s okay not to know His answers right away but it’s important to keep on trusting Him. That is what having faith is all about.

Keeping our eyes on Him no matter what we see in this world. Yes, this world has changed and might never be the same again but the question is, have we changed?

We will remember this battle and live to tell the story of how we overcame. Let it be by faith in God our Father through Jesus Christ, His Son. God is here, we might think His silent but He is talking in ways louder than ever before.

By Stella Ashworth

Featuring in May edition of Team Talk.

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