“Wait on the Lord” – 4 Powerful Words by Stella Ashworth

“Wait on the Lord”. These are the four most powerful words ever taught to me. In sorrow or pain, wait on the Lord. When you are going through the most difficult times of your life, wait on the Lord.

When people throw stones at you and want you to doubt, wait on the Lord. When you are standing alone, wait on the Lord. For God is never late but always right on time.

God is more real than most people would like to think. People can mock your faith but no person can match who and what God is. God rewards our faith at an appointed time, so wait on the Lord.

He allows times of struggle because He wants to do a new thing in our lives. Maybe He wants to grow our character. Maybe He wants to break dependence on the wrong people. Maybe He wants us to remember who we are in Him and through Him. Maybe God feels that we settle way too easily and accept the ways of the world. Maybe He closes doors, in order for us to take on the greatest challenge of our faith.

Waiting on the Lord means that we know that He is a Keeper of His Word. Waiting on the Lord means that we don’t care what people say or do. Because in the end, the only One that can truly turn things around for us, is God.

Waiting on the Lord means that we let go of our time of doing things but surrender to His time, His way and His Will for our lives. His ways are better than ours.

This world and all its troubles are but for a season and too, it shall pass. 

Wait on the Lord and keep your eyes on Him. No matter how dark the night or how high the storms of life, never will He leave you or forsake you.

Faith calls us to walk on water. Faith calls us to stand, no matter the attacks of the evil one.  Faith calls us to wait on the Lord. Faith calls us to believe in the impossible that God can do. 

He has done it before and He will do it again, wait on the Lord.

By Stella Ashworth

The Bay Friendship Club

Christian Networking Group

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