The Shofar – Fear vs The Word

I do believe that the Lord Jesus call all His followers to work in His kingdom with the understanding that no one’s deeds are more significant than another’s.

As the Word of God say: Our best efforts are like filthy rags in front of the Lord. We do it not out of our own flesh by out of His love for us and what He called us to do.

At one stage of my life the Lord called me to start smuggling Bibles to the underground church in the Middle East. The first time I went was with a group and we left 10 days after 9/11. Everybody in the church, except my pastor try to convince me not to go, as it does not make sense due to the security alert in the whole of the Middle East.

America was attacking the Taliban in Afghanistan and the tension in the middle east was horrific. This was my first time to do this “kind of work” and looking back now, the Lord was preparing me for future plans.

I have learned so much on that specific trip.  The leader of the group “pushed” me hard to “walk in front” and to do the “most dangerous” tasks. At that stage I could not understand it. I was the only person in the group that haven’t smuggle Bibles before.

Years later, I started to do this alone and over several years I basically worked with a 3-point plan. I would go to certain towns in the country and placed the “Books” as we say, in several different places in a specific town where I was led to.

Over the years I made friends and become part of families. I would make sure that they have “books” even if they do not believe in the Lord Jesus. Then finally I would take the “books” and deliver it to a certain person that knew my “code name” at a pre-arrange place, date and time knowing that these “books” will go to the underground church.

The reason for this Shofar is to make you understand that I am a “human being in flesh with issues” and in myself am not able to do what He called me to do at all.

This was still early days and I remember sitting in the airplane on my way to the Middle East. Fear started to reap into my heart. The fear was growing exponentially as we were getting closer and closer to our destination.

I knew the “books” were in my suitcase and I had to go first through passport control, then collect my suitcase and then go through security with the suitcase. Disembarking off the plane, as I was walking toward the passport control area, I started to make plans to get rid of the “books” before I had to go through security.

Fear that I could not describe was eating into my heart and flesh and at one stage my body started to tremble slightly as we moved slowly forward in the line that was controlled by the security people inside the airport. My only thought in my mind was, “today I will be caught and I will be hanged without any hesitation.”

I basically had two options available. Do not collect the suitcase with the “books” and walk out of the airport. My second option was to collect the suitcase, look for a WC (toilet), lock myself in a cubical and start tearing up the “books” till all was gone and then go through security.

I collected the suitcase and at that exact point I said, “Lord Jesus I give up.”

I walked toward the security scanners and for some strange reason my heart just become very “still”. A man was standing at the scanner unit and he was bending forward to pick up my suitcase. As he touched my suitcase, he looked me straight in the eyes and said “you can go no need to scan this suitcase”.

I walked out of the airport very dazed and trying to comprehend what just happened.

Hebrew 10: 38 “But My righteous one shall live by faith and if he draws back, My soul has no delight in him.”

The Word of God teaches us that the opposite of FAITH is fear. I have learned a very hard lesson that day and since that trip I prepared myself before I go as if I am not coming back alive. This prepared the way to be fearless and walked only in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Through Him alone all “things” are possible.

Fear is born out of our flesh and Satan is doing a tremendous good job by creating fear and allowing, even the slightest fear, in the hearts of believers to make them not to do what they are supposed to do or called to do in the Fathers kingdom.

Shalom and grace


Featuring in our February edition of Team Talk.

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