The Bay Talks – Facing the Storm

Someone once asked me where is God during the storms and the chaos of life. When all the bad things happen and it looks like everything is falling apart. I told them what I am telling you today. He is in the eye of the storm. Walking with you. Moving within you and all around you. Working through others to reach you. His presence are so powerful during the storms of our lives that it always have a way of bringing us to our knees.
God at work can be powerful. Have faith during the storms of your life. Count it a blessings and thank God for His presence. Lift up the fallen as you walk in prayer with them. Reach out to others and put your faith into works.
But when does the trials and tribulations end? Well, I will be honest here and I say this respectfully. It is when you die. Doesn’t sound that nice to say it but it is the truth. God calls us to fight, to be strong and courageous.
You have to learn to pick up your cross and face your battles. Face your giants and overcome them. Fight the good fight of faith. Put on the full Armor of God, keep getting up and don’t give up. Fight back with all your faith and trust in God. Even if that faith is “as small as a mustard seed.”
The more things you overcome in life, the stronger you grow. Battles may give us scars but through those scars, the light of Jesus Christ shines. You are meant to be a warrior for God and are far stronger than what you think you are. God has so much faith in you to grow into the person you are meant to become. Keep on standing, no matter how hard.
Face your battles and overcome them. God is with you and will never leave you. God at work is a powerful sight. So have faith during the storms of your life and overcome them. Count it a blessings and thank God for His presence. Learn to praise Him in the mist of storms and chaos and I promise that you will see the Glory of God come shining through.
Keep trusting Him. He is a God that doesn’t know how to fail.
By Stella Ashworth

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