The Bay Talks – Believe in Yourself

What does it mean to believe in yourself or to have confidence? We cannot have the one without the other. We cannot place our confidence and how we feel about ourselves in worldly things or worldly titles. Neither in the way that we look or what talents we possess. All those things are but for a season and when it leaves us, where does our strength and confidence come from?
To believe in yourself doesn’t mean that you have to be outspoken and all over the place. No, not at all. That is more like the ego showing up and then leaving you empty again. Believing in yourself is a silent, humble and powerful thing. It is the foundation of who you are. When you learn to see yourself as God sees you, you start to build on that foundation. When you believe in yourself, you keep getting up and keep getting up. Believing in yourself means that you believe God’s Word and what He has in store for you. You believe that through Him, you can do all things.
Your confidence should come from God. You need to study His Word and know the promises He made to you. There are so many of them. When things come against you and I promise, they always do, you will learn to stand in the mist of fear and confusion and say: “My God is great, My God is able and my God will not fail me.” Being confident in God’s Word, gives you the power to face any situation and overcome it.
Believing in God’s Word is what faith is all about. Once you start having faith in that, it builds you up. It gives you true confidence and power. The beauty of God’s Word is that it promises to be with us not just for a season of our lives but forever and ever.
Jesus is the Greatest Wonder the world have ever seen. Look at His life and how He demonstrated to us valuable keys to change the way that we do things and think. Not just about others but ourselves. Understand what was given to us through the Cross of Jesus Christ. You are a Child of God. Believe from that place and your whole spirit will be filled with confidence through Him and because of Him.
He will give you the ability to believe in yourself because He doesn’t make mistakes or do things halfway. He will give you the confidence to stand, no matter where He positions you.
Have the courage to believe in yourself.
By Stella Ashworth
The Bay Friendship Club – Christian Networking Group

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