Stella Ashworth – A Godly Woman with a Passion for Connecting People with Purpose, Business and Opportunity, is the Founder of The Bay Friendship Club – Christian Networking Group and editor of The Talk Family e Magazines.

She permitted me an exclusive interview and allowed me to talk to some of her clients, family and colleagues.

Stella is a Pioneer and Strategist. She not only walks the talk but also inspires many people who she meets along her life journey. Friends and colleagues describe Stella as a successful and professional business woman, who shines with inner and outer beauty yet is always willing to listen to others. She connects people with opportunities because she wants to see others prosper and grow.

Getting to know Stella often reminds you of her professionalism, but she makes you feel as if you are lifelong friends. She is a selfless person with a big heart for community and the body of Christ’s Church.

Born in Port Elizabeth, she spent most of her years in Port Elizabeth and in Graaff-Reinet. Born into a family of cops, her dream was to study Criminal Law and to pursue a career in Law. While busy studying, she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer and in most cases often fatal.

Stella explains: “I will never forget the day the doctors sat me down and prepared me for the worst news anyone can receive. I was faced with not knowing if I will have a tomorrow. I remember running out of the consulting room as if I could outrun the news. Half of St George’s hospital staff came looking for me. Standing outside, trying to catch my breath, I remember having all these mental flashes coming into my mind. Images of things I will never achieve or be a part of. Just like that, our lives can be cut short.

That experience changed me forever. The battle I fought every day in the midst of fear and not knowing if I will have a future, was really tough. But God showed me that out of the ashes, the most intense personal relationship with Him would arise.”

She also explained about how she view life: “My views on life changed forever as I realized that there is so much more to life than what we think or could understand. God started to bless me with so many gifts and ideas on how to build a new life with Him. How could I not pick up a pen and write?”

Stella started to shift careers after going into remission and went into the building industry with her family. She worked closely with her sister-inlaw at Kotthy Building & Roofing and Rennasance Construction. She went on to develop her sales and marketing skills as she brought her own unique talents to the table. She worked for companies such as Crossbow Marketing, Omni Technologies, Panasonic, Seartec and currently Toshiba Isidima Automation.

When asked what her favorite memories are about working with reps and developing strategies for sales teams, she replied:
“Working alongside Bob Skinstad while at Seartec and being a part of the Rugby Business Network. I was in a position to meet some amazing athletes who taught me what team work is all about.” With over 20 years of Sales & Marketing experiences, it’s obvious where her passion lies. “To find ways to reach people.”

Stella spend a lot of her time writing and is a published author with four books available. Writing comes easily for her as she uses this as her own personal strategy in dealing with life’s lessons and challenges.

When asked how the writing started, she said: “Years ago I lost someone very special to me and the only way I could reach those inner parts of me was to write and get it out on paper and by doing so, I learned to forward my work to others facing the same battles. Writing to me is one of the states where I feel closest to God.”

How would Stella describe this? “A gift from God. It has given us the ability to reach so many people from all walks of life and in all areas of their lives.” Established in 2013, Stella accredits it all to God. In the past 7 years, she kept building and developing this Christian Network not only by coming up with ideas but by implementing them.

“God blesses us with ideas and teaches us to do things. We might not always understand the why’s and how’s but there is a reason for everything that we are prompted to do. What started off as an idea was given life. Everything I do, I do for God. Yes I made many mistakes along the way but that’s life! We fail and try again until we have the perfect foundation to build upon.”

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Stella’s success can be attributed to her “no-nonsense” attitude and ability to set goals. An example, she does not give up! She easily goes the extra mile and will stay committed until the end of a job, or until love blossoms for a couple. #matchmaking.

A challenge for Stella is an opportunity and a problem is another stepping stone in her journey with God. Her ambition is to work for God’s glory and therefore she lives an integrated life, built on the foundation of steadfast Faith and Kingdom principles.

Stella understands the value of relationships – not as a means to an end – but she really values people.

Stella has a special gift of making even strangers feel welcome. She remains professional, while sharing her heart and making herself vulnerable. Stella quickly wins over people’s trust, because she expects nothing but honesty and straightforwardness when working with people.

Words won’t do justice to describe the qualities of this amazing woman of God. Friends and colleagues describe her as kind, patient, friendly, sincere, and a wonderful person who genuinely cares about others. She asks for other’s opinions and value everyone’s input in lively conversations. It’s impossible to leave a conversation with Stella without having a good laugh, an intense moment of self-reflection and feeling appreciated.

If Stella could, she would solve all the world’s problems and correct all wrongs – earnestly and with Godly insight. She puts on the armour of God every day and wears it wherever she goes.

Laughter is often heard around Stella. She can crack a good joke. Sometimes her humour can be a bit on the dry side, but always has a moment of joy and happiness around her.

Her eagerness to make a difference allows her to jump straight into a situation. Potential means it’s done,” What do you need from me next, and can I do anything else for you?”

Sometimes friends need to caution Stella to relax a bit, to take a day off, to switch off her phone and to focus on herself. The most hilarious stories often are told about her dog Lucy.

Stella’s strength lies in her faith, which is a daily walk with God. She supports many businesses, personal relationships, communities and churches, because she believes that is God’s mission for her. She lives out her purpose and is eager to help others discover theirs.

Stella is a woman with whom you want as a friend for life. She delivers on a promise and what you see is what you get!

Article by Anna-Louise Olivier
Special thank you to all those who contributed to this article. Special thank you to Mark Dawson from Snapping Studio for editing done.

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