A Test of Faith by Stella Ashworth

Faith is a very personal matter between us and God. No one can teach us how to have faith or how to believe but God. I have learned that we choose our level of faith. The more we learn to trust God, the more He increases our faith and by doing so, we grow more into the person that God wants us to become.

Trusting and praising God during the pain and suffering of our lives is what true worship is all about. Our relationship with God has a way of growing our hearts into the direction that they are meant to grow if we don’t harden our hearts.

If life were to go our way, how will we ever develop our true character or learn to love more intensely? When God allows trials and tribulations, He wants us to look to Him for our healing, needs and answers. The more we seek Him, the more He draws closer to us. Faith teaches us to look at things not the way they are in the natural world, but to look at them through spiritual eyes through the mind of Christ.

God has blessed us with so many spiritual gifts and only by allowing God to work in us, will we discover them. Our goal should never be to follow this world but to keep growing with God, so that He can strengthen our faith and allow us to build our house (our lives) on stronger foundations.

The greatest treasures we can ever find in life, is the aspects of God. Who He really is and what He is all about. The more we get to know God, the stronger our connection to Him becomes and the stronger our connection becomes with Him, the more we truly understand what life is all about and how to experience it to the fullest.

When God tests our faith by rocking our world, it can be painful and scary. But in all He does, there lies purpose.

May we learn to see God at work in all things and may we choose to never forget Him. There is no other God like the God of Israel. There is no other path to God but through Jesus Christ, His Son.

May you embrace suffering and trust God. May you ask God to increase your level of faith. May you trust God when He uses circumstances you might not always agree with. May you have hope with an open heart and allow God to do what only He can do.

And may you know that God is true and faithful to perform His Word. For me, God is more real than any person I have ever met. He is the Greatest Influencer of my life.

May you find all the treasures in Him as I have found.

By Stella Ashworth

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