8 Ways to Respond to Spiritual Attack

Many of us must be facing attacks, for that post quickly spread. In response to requests for a follow-up post, here are some ways to respond to spiritual attack.
  1. Realize that believers are not intended to be on the defensive in spiritual warfare. We wear the armor of God (Eph. 6:10-17) not to defend against the enemy, but to offensively engage the world with the gospel. Just as God initiated seeking Adam and Eve, and He initiated the plan to send Jesus to die for us while we were yet sinners (Rom. 5:8), we initiate stepping into the enemy’s kingdom with the gospel. As long as we think we’re on the defensive, we’re ignoring the victory Christ has already won.
  2. Enlist somebody to fight the battle alongside you. Find another believer with whom you can share the reality of your battle. Be honest, and pray together. Pray often, even until you have found victory. Sharing the burden of the battle lessens the weight and restores hope.
  3. Get in the Word. I cannot say these words strongly enough: you cannot win spiritual battles without consistently and regularly hearing/reading the Word. Jesus showed us its importance when He quoted the book of Deuteronomy at the Mt. of Temptation – and we must follow His lead. Run to the Bible, and perhaps focus on the promises of God. Memorize verses that give you hope.
  4. Pray even if it’s hard. The Bible never calls us to “feel like praying” in order to pray. Whatever you’re feeling, make the choice to pray – even if the prayer is, “Lord, I’m struggling with prayer. Help me.” Simply talking to God alarms the enemy. 
  5. Forsake sin. We are more susceptible to spiritual attack when we’re living with unforsaken sin (in fact, we’re already losing the battle when sin is winning). Repentance is thus a non-negotiable step toward victory over spiritual attacks. Confessing your sin to God (and perhaps to a trusted believer) is likely in order.
  6. Share the gospel with somebody. It’s amazing how much our heart turns a corner when we look away from our struggles and tell somebody the Good News of Jesus. Evangelism, in fact, is offensive spiritual warfare. 
  7. Seek reconciliation of hurting or broken relationships. That’s particularly important if the hurting relationship is your marriage. Humble yourself. Confess your wrong. Say you’re sorry. Prioritize strengthening the relationship for the future. Close the door on the enemy.
  8. Press on. The enemy wants you to give up. Don’t do it.  
If you want to examine this topic more, you might take a look at my Bible study, Putting on the ArmorI pray you’ll live in victory!

By Chuck Lawless

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