“Write the vision; make it plain” by John Hagee

In my Bible I have written many important prayers over the years. I have written things down that were absolutely impossible to accomplish without God’s help. I have also written down things that took years to achieve, by God’s grace. Many of these prayers have taken me down paths that I would never have imagined. Over my lifetime I have seen God’s hand at work and learned that God’s delays are not His denials. He is a faithful. He is an “On Time God!”

HABAKKUK 2:2 TELLS US TO “WRITE THE VISION; MAKE IT PLAIN…” Each year Diana and I get together and discuss our goals for the coming year. We talk about personal and family goals. We discuss our ministry goals, and we write them all down. What a joy it is to go back and see how far the Lord has brought us!

I encourage you to dream big in this year. Make 2019 the year that you allow the Holy Spirit in to influence every aspect of your life. Make your goals so lofty that only through the help of the Almighty will they be achieved. Let’s not believe for things that you can accomplish on your own. Dream big, pray every day, and let’s see what God will do. We serve a big God who is up for the challenge.

Not only do I want you to dream big dreams and believe God for more blessings than ever before, but maybe you are in need of a miracle. Does your body need healing? Does your marriage need to be restored? Do you have a child that needs to come back to the Lord? Whatever you are facing today – I want you to have the faith to allow God to handle that thing that concerns you the most.

I learned as a young boy how to pray. My mother was a fearless prayer warrior and often fasted for the desires of her heart. My older brother, Bill, who has gone on to heaven, as a boy had grand mal seizures due to the severity of his epilepsy. Every night after dinner my mother would make dinner for her family and then go to the back of the house to pray. She fasted and prayed for five years until one day her breakthrough came at a church prayer meeting and my brother experienced complete healing. From that day, he never had another seizure as long as he lived. What an amazing testimony that was to me as a young boy about the importance of consistent and fervent prayers.

When God does something, He does it completely. There is no half-way response with God, but I have also learned that He absolutely works on His own timetable. That is often hard for us to imagine in our “order today, get it tomorrow” world, but one thing I know is that when you begin to pray our God begins working on something that is far greater than anything we could imagine. When you pray, you are stirring the heart of God and your answer is on the way!

One of my mother’s favorite sayings was “Some prayer…some power; more prayer…more power; much prayer…much power.” So, today as we embark upon a brand-new year… what are you believing God for?

What are you praying about? Do you need Him to move a mountain of impossibility in your life? Our God is able!

I have personally faced many obstacles in this life, but there has never been one that I have faced alone. My mother, the unrelenting prayer warrior, made sure that I knew how to unleash the power of heaven upon my circumstances. When I was faced with uncertainty in my health and a diagnosis that the doctor’s told me was a one-in-a- million chance of recovery…I boldly said, “I will be that one in a million!” I didn’t say this because of anything that I can do, but because of the God that I serve! I watched my mom pray for her own cancer, and what the doctor’s deemed life-threatening… my mother saw as a small blip on the radar, walking out of the hospital cancer free.

As a young preacher, I jotted down the building plans I had for our churches in the front of my Bible. These were lofty ideas that absolutely needed divine intervention to ever become a reality. But I can look back on those plans, and every one of them has come true, to the glory of God the Father!

I hope you catch the vision for what I am telling you. The Bible encourages us to; “WRITE THE VISION, AND MAKE IT PLAIN ON TABLETS, THAT HE MAY RUN WHO READS IT” (HABAKKUK 2:2). I pray that you will get this Prayer Journal today and begin writing down every hope, dream and desire that is in your heart. I pray that your prayers will be so big that the world will say that they are impossible – but that you will have the faith to believe that with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

I believe that 2019 is going to be a year of fulfilled promises and abundant blessings for you and those you love. Be sure to email us your prayer request so that we can pray with you. I look forward to hearing all of the testimonies of God’s faithfulness in His overwhelming response to your prayers.

By John Hagee

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