Time Alone with God by Stella Ashworth

When we make a conscious choice to draw closer to God, the first thing that He requires from us, is our time.  What are we willing to sacrifice to get to know Him better?  Will we let go of our busy schedules and all our planning?  Perhaps switch off that TV and invest the same amount of time in Him?
Are we prepared to be shut in with Him and only Him? Are we prepared to step out of the world and find our own special place where we can meet with Him on a regular basis? Are we willing to invest the same amount of time and effort into getting to know Him, as we would any other love interest?
When we draw closer to God, have we examine our own hearts as to why we are seeking Him?
Have we learned to stop speaking so much, trying to tell God what to do and have we learned to listen, so that we can hear His Voice?
God loves each one of us so much and wants to share in our lives.  He wants that first place in your heart.  Give Him back the greatest gift that He has given you. Time.
Time alone with God, is what creates miracles. Time alone with God, allows you to rest and share in His peace. Time alone with God, heals and restores. Time alone with God, is the source of all wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Time alone with God, fills your heart with joy, happiness and love.
There is no measure of what time alone with God can produce in your life. Time alone with God? Priceless.

By Stella Ashworth

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2 thoughts on “Time Alone with God by Stella Ashworth”

  1. Yes isn’t it indeed…actually we should be giving our time too him …not when it suits our schedules …but too make the effort every morning before the day gets hectec…and right through the day i thank God in all that I do…priceless it is indeed to draw close too him….and get too know what a awesome God he is….thank you Stella!!

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