The Joys of Saying “I Do” to God

For your Maker is your husband – the Lord Almighty is His name” – Isaiah 54:5

What a strange thing for God to say, especially from the perspective of a new bride in her early twenties like myself. Nonetheless, this is the revelation He gave me just days after saying “I do” to another person claiming that role.

To be honest, I didn’t want to hear that. It was obviously some old-time metaphor, the one verse in the Bible that had nothing to do with me. It’s surrounding scriptures even targeted a woman who couldn’t have kids, a struggle with which I couldn’t identify.

Yet, God began to show me the other roles He claimed in my life: friend, teacher, provider, defender. That list went on as deeply as I would allow. Its only limit was me; God could only fill a position I permitted. But, He kept pressing.

So, fine. Be my husband, God, if that’s what You want. (Did I mention I was a young bride?)  Despite my lack of enthusiasm, He jumped at the open door and did just that.

God filled me.

He took over every aspect of the new union I had just stepped into and exceeded my wildest expectations. Our relationship (me and God) was taken to a greater level of trust, a greater level of intimacy much like the earthly relationship.

The best part was what this new mind-set did in my earthly marriage. I didn’t have to drain my husband for love or affection or security because I found it in my Maker. My husband wasn’t burdened with the pressure of perfection; he didn’t have to fill my cup. I was already whole – more than that, I was overflowing (2 Corinthians 9:8Psalm 23:5).

Instead of craving for my needs to be met, I couldn’t help but shower the man I loved with the love I constantly received from the One who created me.

I see now that my initial hesitation was nestled in fear. If God took over every role in my life, I’d lose the people who previously filled them. They meant more to me than I thought He could.

I’ve realized that, regardless of the relationship, God has to take priority. If He’s not first, I’ll find myself demanding my fulfilment from friends, family, co-workers, or even my kids – leaving those connections unhealthy and less than their intended purpose.

I’m just four years into this marriage thing, so I’m obviously not an expert, but I’m grateful for this truth and the growth it’s brought to my relationships.

Know that there is none like our God (Isaiah 46:9). He is more than enough and still blesses us with more. God is continuously claiming more roles in my life, and I hope my journey encourages you to open your heart and allow Him to do the same.

By Andrea Matthews

Featuring in June’s edition of Single Talk.

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