In 1992 Drummond and his wife Lindah, responded to God’s call and established Family Transformation International after witnessing the devastation of the breakdown of marriage and family amongst family and friends. Previously Drummond was the CEO of a large national company, actively involved in various Kingdom projects. They knew God had called them to make a difference by imparting Kingdom truths to help heal and enrich people’s lives and families. During their interaction with thousands of people, it became clearly evident that men were not providing the leadership God had designed and destined for them to walk in.

This is evidenced in the corruption in politics and business, moral failure, betrayal and deceit. The result is broken marriages and families, financial stress and instability in the world.

Drummond called out to God for answers. How could the world be changed? How could we reverse the tide of devastation taking place at every level of society?

Drummond recalls:

One day I met a man who had been an officer in a Scottish Regiment during WW2. He told me the amazing story of how their regiment had been commissioned by the commander of the Allied Forces to capture an enemy gun fortress on top of a hill that was blocking the advance of the allied forces and reigning down devastation upon the troops and surrounding area. Their regiment had stormed up the mountain carrying the regiment’s flag to the sound of the bagpipes. Teams were led by men who took the enemy’s bullets so the man behind him could advance a few more meters. So in turn, they gave their lives for the man behind until they reached the top, captured the gun encampment and raised their regiment’s flag. Stunned by this story, I asked him what inspired the men to do this. His reply changed my life. “For the honour of the regiment and clan.”

These men lived for the cause of bringing ‘honour’ to God, family and nation. I could not stop thinking about this. What kind of world would we live in if men still held the value of honour so highly? What would the impact be on marriage, family, business and even the economy of a country?

Conducting our lives in a way that honours others and contributes to the improvement of the lives of those around us is very rare these days. How then should we live?  Is it possible to change the world as we know it and reverse the corruption, moral decay, poverty and suffering we see in this world?

I felt God was saying that the world could be changed “In One Hour,” if every man stood

in every hour, for truth, righteousness, justice and  godly morals and chose to honour God in every area of their lives. By allowing God to control their thoughts, words, attitudes and actions, this world could be dramatically changed. The level of integrity, responsibility and honour found in men, directly correlates to the state of the world we live in today.

Thus was born the theme and heart content of this book.

What is a Man of Honour and how does he operate in today’s world? What are the characteristics of a man of honour, a husband, father, businessman or politician of honour?

Since the initial book was published, over 10,000 men in every level of society have been transformed by this cause. Thousands of men in the prisons of Kenya, men living in ganglands, businessmen, husbands and fathers have read the book in small groups, we call

Regiments of Honour.” One man’s testimony, who was a prisoner serving a life sentence in Kenya was so profound, that it was filmed and featured on Prime Time News.

Although many books have been written telling inspiring stories of men and women who became ‘heroes’ through the amazing things they did, in this book, Drummond  focuses on a unique element in men that can change the lives of those around them and even the course of history. It is something that is not just reserved for a few mighty men of valor although it also requires courage, perseverance, faithfulness and a willingness to serve and even lay down their lives daily, for others. This book is about the life changing commission of God to walk in honour; living by its code as an all consuming value in every relationship.

Each chapter ends with a guided section for personal reflection and points for group discussion when done in men’s groups. It will inspire the men in your church, strengthen marriages and families and raise up strong committed leaders.

 It is a way of life that could change the world as we know it.

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Men of honor, it’s time!

It’s time to take “the mountain” and raise the Flag of Honor.

It’s time to establish God’s moral high ground.

It’s the “hour” that could change the world.

Your destiny will be written in your battle for honor.


The book has just been published internationally by Westbow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan.

Available from:

Westbow press

Request at leading book stores.

Soft cover ISBN  978-1-4908-2243-3

Hard cover ISBN 978-1-4908-2244-0

E-book ISBN 978-1-4908-2242-6

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