The Bay Talks – 11 Days or 40 Years

The Israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness on a journey that should have taken them only 11 days, in order to reach the Promised Land. I always wonder about that. Why they were so stubborn. Thinking it must have been their attitudes holding them back.
Then I look back to my own life. My own attitude. I find myself understanding why some of God’s Promises took so long to come to pass. Instead of standing firm, trusting God, I would do things out of my own strength. I would race around that mountain over and over. Ending up, right where I have started. Having wasted time.
I have realized that the only thing that God wants from us, is to trust in Him. To trust His promises. To obey His Word.
God will bring His Promises to pass. He will not fail us.
Today, choose a shorter journey for yourself as you learn to trust in the Lord.
By Stella Ashworth

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