Success: Not Necessarily a Measure of Honor by Drummond Robinson

The common myth about money is that financial wealth will make us more happy, secure, and important. Not only can fortunes be lost in a short time, but with the constant pursuit of financial gain can come severe stress and trauma. The news has often reported stories of financially successful people who were miserable, fearful, and addicted to alcohol or drugs, and who had a huge lack of love in their lives. They were continually striving for bigger and better things but could not find contentment, and although they had accumulated much wealth, their families were often torn apart. Honor is found more in a man who seeks to achieve significance in his life through changing his world and making it a better place in which to live. One who seeks first to establish the kingdom of God—a place where righteousness, integrity, love, joy, and peace.

When we are totally focused on success—achieving our goals to have as much money, power, recognition, and prestige as possible—we take more out of the system than we are prepared to put back in. Greed and the stresses of life result in honor not being paramount in our dealings and relationships. When honor is absent, we all suffer from what is left: mistrust, greed, jealousy, corruption, and shame.

Crowned with Glory and Honor

The Bible tells us in Genesis 1 that man was created in the “image of God” and was given dominion over all of creation. Adam walked in the blessing of intimacy with God as his Father. Therefore, in this sense, man was positioned in honor; that is, he was given the highest value, worth, dignity, and significance in the eyes of God. God honored Adam and Eve by entrusting them with His delegated power and authority over all that He had created.

“What is man that thou art mindful of him, and the son of man that thou dost care for him? Yet thou hast made him a little less than God and dost crown him with glory”. Ps 8:4-5

“We have been chosen by God, crowned with glory and honor, and given dominion over all of God’s creation. This prominence in the order of creation implies huge intrinsic worth, not only of mankind but of each one of us.

Living in Honor

A man who understands this position of honor will then seek to honor others around him by showing respect and appreciation and constantly communicating esteem, praise, significance, and value to them. To give honor, we need to speak to people, especially those closest to us, in a gentle, affirming way and to treat people with consideration, compassion, and respect. This impacts their emotions, personal dignity, identity, and character.”

“Honor, like love, is not just something we do; it is who God is! When we confer honor on others, we are transferring the very nature, character, and empowerment of God upon them. In fact, without honor there can be no genuine love. How can we communicate love if it is not based on sincere respect, appreciation, acceptance, and the conferring of dignity and value?”

Every day day we are confronted by more and more bad news. Whether it is financial corruption, moral failings, crime, abuse of power or international insecurity. We also face marriage failure, the breakdown of family and all the stresses of life that go with that.

People and “leaders”  that society puts their hope and trust in, seemed to have lost their moral compass and sense of responsibility to their position and “office” to which they have been entrusted.

In this book Men of Honor, Drummond challenges men to take up their God given role and responsibility and lead with dignity and honor. In so doing we will restore hope, trust, peace and prosperity to our families and nation.

The book can be ordered in hard copy of e-book format from their website.

Excerpt From

Men of Honor

Drummond Robinson

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