Pastor Louwtjie Killian – A man after God’s own Heart

When Lockdown regulations forced the churches to close in 2020, as a Church going Christian, I was eagerly awaiting the reopening of churches.  Watching church online, was so different than what my heart cried out for.

Ps Louwtjie Killian and his wife, Renee Joy Killian.

The Holy Spirit led me to Lorraine Full Gospel in Port Elizabeth, where I started to sit under the teachings of Ps Louwtjie Killian. His church was one of the first churches that reopened in 2020.

Lorraine Full Gospel Church in Lorraine, Port Elizabeth.

His way of preaching was authentic. He opened my eyes, mind and heart into a deeper understanding of Israel and the End Times. He addresses topics most preachers would be scared to preach, but topics Christians needs to hear. We can only fear what we don’t understand in the Word of God.

Together with his wife, Renee Joy Killian, they set the perfect example of a Church on fire for Jesus Christ. With a humble approach to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a Christ-Like mind, Ps Killian teaches with passion and purpose.

We would like to dedicated our July edition of Team Talk to Pastor Louwtjie Killian and his beautiful wife, Renee.

Thank you for sharing your love of God with all of us. May God bless and keep you always. Keep preaching the Word of God, the world desperately needs it.

Feel free to visit Lorraine Full Gospel’s online services here:

Blessings in Christ

Stella Ashworth

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