Old Thinking by Marc van Heerden

“But forget all that – it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new.” Isaiah 43:18-19

Companies and organisations have been stuck in a rut. A great deal of the why they are stuck is centric on their way of thinking. Often you will hear the phrase; “We don’t it that way” or “It’s not our Modis Operandi” … the question is why are the staff and leadership making those kinds of statements. Most of the time company’s fear change and when economic crunches come as they have been coming as of late; they will always go with what they know.

The problem is that if you are doing things in the same way that you have been doing for years and your circumstances or external influences have changed then why would the way you did things previously work for you? Truth is that it takes pain and discomfort to allow for change. Change is a critical element of growth. If an athlete excelled at the 800m race, but wanted to take up the challenge of the 100m race then he would need to adapt his training and prepare differently. The 800m requires a light frame which can performance at a constant accelerated pace which would be the equivalent of about a ¾ sprint over the full distance – so endurance will be required. In the 100m you would require maximum acceleration from the starting blocks and continue at full pace until the finish line.

God’s vision for all His people is to allow prosperity; however we cannot expect it to fall in our laps. God has given us the ability to communicate, wisdom to rationalize, hands to work, eyes to see and ears to hear. Don’t waste your amazing talents by expecting things; instead embrace the fact that if you work on yourself, your company, your staff then God will create the opportunity.

Be sure that you do not get stuck in a rut. Whether it is in your personal relationships, mental abilities, spiritual growth or leadership – be observant of what is influencing your environment and be open to adapt to allow for a positive growth outcome. Are you in a rut?

By Marc van Heerden

Featuring in March edition of Business Talk

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