Deal Sweetner by Marc van Heerden

“Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.” – Matthew 4:1

Temptation is often surrounding a person who is a decision maker. There are offers presented to “sweeten” the deal or to “secure” a contract. Initially, the concept may prove to be appealing, but what is the longevity of that choice.

A leaders character is the most important measure that any follower or employee would look at. The follower has no concern for the leader’s wealth and how many houses or cars they may have; instead the follower is more concerned about whether the leader can be trusted and whether the decisions being made are in the interest for the people.

A person in a leadership position who chooses to make themselves wealthy or swayed to benefit a small minority instead of the company or community it serves cannot be trusted. Instead; they prove themselves as being self-serving and do not hold the interest of the people at heart.

In trying times, it is far easier to take shortcuts on production to reduce cost and deliver a poorer quality product at the same cost of the previously superior product. It’s easier to over-commit and under deliver. It’s easier to be self-serving than it is to be serving the people.

If we look at Christ’s example; He shows us that no matter how the words are turned you need to always refer to your moral compass and values of being a Christian. Be delicate in your words and choose them wisely when responding to these temptations. Be true to yourself knowing why you became a leader in the first place.

Do you serve yourself or those entrusted to you?

By Marc van Heerden

Featuring in our February edition of Business Talk.

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