60 Plus Social Group

Are you widowed/ divorced and want to meet new people?

Calling all those 60’s and over who need/want friends to socialize with.

(Dinner, breakfasts, events, shows and get-togethers.)

You don’t need to sit alone and be lonely. Get moving! 

Come and join us and build new friendships!

Nothing to loose but everything to gain.

Happiness is a choice!

To join, contact Claire.

Fill in the attached forms or contact us to set up an appointment.

Please Note the following:

  • 60 Days Free Trail.
  • Meetings are supervised by us.
  • Right of Admission Reserved by Management.
  • Memberships are only for those who are:  Divorced or Widowed.
  • Members must be from 60 years and older to participate.
Contact: Claire

Email: 60ssocialgroup@gmail.com